Quinnell House

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Specialist Residential Dementia Care Home

About Us ...

The home is registered under the Health & Social Care Act 2008 with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), registration number:  1-540633839.


Quinnell House is a care home offering residential care for older persons who require specialist Dementia Care.


Our focus is to provide high quality residential care that will, together with a day to day programme of agreed meaningful activity, enable the residents to maximise their independence, pursue personal development, meet their religious needs and to ensure that individual requests are met as much as is possible in a shared living environment.


The underpinning ethos at Quinnell House is derived from the principles of individual residential care ethic. The home uses the acronym CARE to support the key principles:


COMMUNICATE with me by touch & body language as well as words.

ACCEPT me with my limitations, my likes, my dislikes and my needs.

REASSURE me that I am understood, valued and secure.

ENTER my world, because I cannot enter fully into yours.


We support the key principle of individual person centred care planning which allows our residents to be able to continue to be as involved as possible in activities of life. This may include being the chance to make decisions and to take risks that enables them to have more control over their lives whilst being supported within a safe care environment


The home has an open door policy for resident’s families and friends. Quinnell House actively encourage links within the wider community.


Please ask to see our statement of purpose for further information.


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